About us

About W.R. Bonter Landscaping Ltd.:

Bonter Landscaping has been providing innovative landscaping design services in Prince Edward County and the surrounding Quinte region since 1972.

  • Our knowledge and experience with residential and commercial landscape installations includes: concept plans and architectural designs; small and large scale construction services; distinctive entrance and patio designs; decorative ponds or water features; privacy fences, construction of timber and precast concrete retaining wall systems; interlocking stone or paver installations; pruning; lawn care services and, sod laying.


  • We are specialists in native landscaping trees and shrubs for attractive, yet low maintenance plantings.


  • Our designers are professional landscapers who have years of on-site experience implementing practical, well designed plans throughout the construction process.    We can provide consultations or full working drawings to make your landscape dreams a reality. We will meet with you on the site and discuss your landscape requirements, do a site analysis and come back to you with preliminary plans and follow up with working drawings. Estimates for the work can be provided to have the design work constructed.


  • We work on all size projects including residential, new construction, renovations of older landscapes, commercial buildings, parks and display gardens.

Our Grounds Maintenance crews provide services such as:

  • Pruning - Pruning is normally done in the spring, summer and fall. The spring pruning involves shrub renovation, thinning, cutting back and major shaping. This will allow the plant to have the season to recover. Summer pruning is more involved with shaping and maintaining plant size through shearing (clipping) off the new growth that has grown since spring. Fall pruning is done once the plants have gone dormant and the fear of new growth being generated from cuts done too early in the fall has passed.


  • Gardening Services - We offer a wide range of gardening services from a bi-weekly visit to weed, cultivate and maintain your shrub, flower or perennial beds to a monthly or seasonal visit.


  • Fall Clean Up - From a simple backyard to a large estate or business, we can remove those fall leaves and leave your property ready for winter.

Our continued success is based on a commitment to ‘expert landscape design for excellent value' - please contact us for a complimentary on-site  consultation and quotation.